Why You Should be Doing Live Social Media

Why You Should be Doing Live Social Media

It is easy to look at advice surrounding social media marketing and to feel as though it is a little stale. You get a lot of the same stuff regarding hashtags, frequency and providing value and it tends to all be focussed on the same three platforms it always has been: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

But social media marketing like so many other things is constantly moving forward and upward. If you want to make a big impact, then you need to move with the times and adapt to the changes. That means, in this case, being on live platforms in order to enjoy the unique advantages that they offer.

What is Live?

Going live is a feature that is available on Facebook (Facebook Live), on YouTube, on Instagram and on dedicated platforms such as Periscope and Meerkat. In each case, this allows you to stream live video to anyone who wants to log into the feed and watch. Not only can they watch, but they are also able to post comments, which you can then respond to in real time.

Why This is a Big Deal

There are a lot of reasons that doing live is a good way to gain more followers and is something that you should be investing it.

We could go into a lot of detail now about why Live might well be the ‘future’ of social media in many ways. For now though, suffice to say that for you, it offers a unique way to communicate with your audience without the limitations of having to wait for a post or a message to be delivered. Your audience will feel as though they’re getting real insight into your lifestyle, your business and your personality and you will be able to answer their question directly. 

This is a fantastic format for a whole range of types of media, from AMAs (Ask Me Anything), to interviews, to product reviews.

The other reason you should be on live is that it is new. That means it’s exciting. And what’s more, is that it means that there isn’t so much competition there. Struggling to gain traction on traditional forms of social media? Try going live and your whole audience will be notified (this is something that Facebook and other platforms are trying to promote) and you’ll find that there aren’t all that many other channels doing the same thing. It won’t be that way forever, so act quickly!

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