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20 Minute Memberships
20 Minute Memberships
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20 Minute Memberships

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One of the easiest ways to build a profitable online business is by developing a "micro niche membership" network.

You're probably already familiar with just how profitable membership sites can be. Everyone knows that there's an absolute fortune to be made in building high quality continuity websites.

After all, you aren't just building a website - you are building a COMMUNITY of buyers.

But we don't all have time for a full featured membership program, and for certain niche markets or topics, a full-scale membership site might simply be "overkill".

For example, there are many different niche markets where subscribers only need certain answers or solutions to their problems. Or, perhaps you'd like to create a paid community based on short-term training, coaching or time sensitive information. Perhaps you'd like to run a fixed term membership site that can be set on complete autopilot, ending after each cycle.

This is where "micro membership sites" become your secret weapon to being able to tap into the hungriest niche markets with bite sized membership sites!

With a micro membership website, you are never bogged down by constant updates, or forced into spending every waking moment maintaining your membership program.

In fact, most of the time you can set up your micro membership sites on complete autopilot, creating it once - and then charging for continued access over a fixed or short-term period.

For example, you could set up a micro membership site on an 8 week basis, where subscribers pay a small amount every week to gain access to relevant content and information, or you could set it up so that they pay only once, upfront, for access to the entire course that they can download and digest at their own leisure.

From the busy marketer to the new business owner with minimal marketable experience, micro niche membership sites are simply faster and easier to create.

Plus, because of just how simplistic they are, you can create more of them, giving yourself the opportunity to venture into countless markets, expand your outreach and maximize your income.

And speaking of maximizing your online profits, even though micro niche membership sites are designed to be set at a lower price point, you can actually make MORE money with them, simply because people can afford to join and due to the lower costs there is less resistance, making micro niche membership sites even easier to convert.

Let's take a closer look at how you can start building a profitable micro niche membership site of your own.
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