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Codices of Content:

  • About the Alphabetical Hermetical Author
  • Overview 


  • Influence and psychology of persuasion 
  • Becoming a chameleon
  • Labeling
  • The power of choice
  • Creating Emotions
  • Motivating your audience
  • Talking about benefits
  • Deadlines
  • Giving Consequences
  • Using Authority and Social Proof
  • Using Metaphors
  • Having buyers Make Commitments 


  • Embedded Commands


  • NLP Representation System


  • The Power Of Words
  • Magical words
  • Positive Emotional Words
  • Words to get curiosity
  • Words that “Call-To-Action”
  • Words to gain trust


  • Structuring your Sales Pages

About the Alphabetical Hermetical Author 

My name is Ron L., and it all started in 1998 as a reference.

After an important lesson & experience, I started to educate myself about Internet Marketing and put everything there is to practice imperfections into perfections, designed inflections, aligned reflections & divined projections.

The value I got in return is amazing and literally inwardly illuminations astoundingly awesome.

But before Internet Marketing, I was like anyone else. My schedule revolved around my job. But today, it’s the other way around. I plan what I want and like to do during the day and work between the gaps.

It took a bit of time to get there, but I did because I understood the value of education. I mean, Internet Marketing is like any other job after all.

If you don’t get the proper training, chances are that you’re missing a lot of things that would make a difference, right?

So this how it happened …

First, I started building an e-mail list from online and offline, made a lot of friends and scaled my business by introducing a line of various affiliate products.

Then I learned about branding and how important social proof was when social medias made their appearance.

During this period, I made so much money… to the point where I could be finally financially free and make my own work schedules, without worrying about making ends-meet.

Today, I own my line of products and my business is practically on Auto-Pilot automation always refining logically magical synchronous systems. I’ve had the privilege of learning from individuals, people just like you, from all around the world on how to brand themselves as leaders of their niche through simple and replicable techniques.

With that said, “NLP WISDOM” was created in the intent to show you how easy it is to use simple words to get massive sales.

I’m glad that you took the decision to take action by getting the NLP WISDOM because buying information is part of the Internet Marketing process.

Those who know this are the ones making those 1000’s of Dollars Weekly and Zero’s keep adding outwards infinitely definitely divine sublime intertwined on the veracity vine.

Unifying Original Content Code Communications Correlations

Design WISDOM In Corresponding Out Of You! If not You, Then Who, That’s U as well, Knowing Internally Indivisibly 0NE Individual, IT Takes 0NE To KNOW 0NE, THYSELF, KNOW ONE 0, ZERO Won 1r noW symmetrically have fun be the outcome of your income vice versa versus beautiful verses universal binary universes.

Enjoy the WISDOM of NLP: Transmute a Deliberately Designed & Desired Deserved You,








NLP Wisdom Overview

 What Is NLP

  • In essence, NLP is the study of how to control someone’s actions or thoughts process, leading them to take action on what you have to offer.
  • It helps you learn how to communicate more effectively with others.
  • The Acronym NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Neuro: Is about your neurological system. NLP is based on the fact that we experience through both conscious and unconscious. Thought processes activate our physiology, emotions and behaviors.

Linguistic: Is the way human beings use language to communicate among each other, through life experiences, and transfer these experiences to others. In NLP, linguistics is a study of how the words you speak influence the experiences shared between 2 or more individuals. We could say that linguistics is the means of transmission.

Programming: Is how the experience records in your mind. Your personal programming reflects your life experiences (thinking patterns) that you use on a daily base to take decisions, resolve/solve problems, learn, evaluate, obtain results, etc. NLP shows people how to re-program their life experiences through self-internal programming so they can get the results they want to obtain.


Application of Universal Knowledge, Experience, Knowing Self & Correlations Correspondences, Reconciling Paradoxes, Perspectives, Practicing Principles Creating Principals.


Influence and psychology of persuasion

Whether you are writing an ad, an email, an office memo, trying to change a family member’s thought process, or trying to convince a group of people to think like you, i twill be necessary to learn the methods to get them to take action.

Here is a collection of the most persuasive techniques used by politicians, advertising first, copywriters, dentists, writers, lawyers… basically anyone who has to change an individual’s thought process quickly to get results within seconds.

These techniques are used to get people to take action on things they wouldn’t ordinarily do, change their belief mindset, have them change their minds etc.

 Becoming A Chameleon

How people see themselves is an incredibly important influential tool to use, maybe the most important of them. If you can tap in their minds and identify the emotional triggers that makes you relate to them through their own past experiences, it will become easy to start changing their mindset.

One of many good tools I find useful is to listen at their "repetitive power words " and use them in your conversation.

For example, if someone uses the word: “Awesome” a lot, then use the word “Awesome” yourself while speaking to them.


Labeling is the art of making the person or group feel good or bad about themselves through making them realize the projected hidden message behind the sentences used to control.

Anon Author Advice: Use Universal Unanimous Labels

Example 1

The label: Talented

You’re a natural _______. (“You’re a natural business man/woman.”)

Example 2

The label: Honesty

You’re not the type of person who _______. (“You’re not the type of person who would steal.”)

The power of choice

You can try to convince someone through a single idea or you can change their view into taking action based on given options.

It’s quite simple to understand once you read the 2 examples below.


Example 1: OR

  • What’s more important to you right now, saving a few bucks on getting the right tools and knowledge OR you want to make money because you’re using the right stuff to make it happen?

Example 2: The "OR Would you rather " game

Do you want to make a bit of money because you didn’t get the right knowledge to get it done OR would you rather cut corners, save money and get the hacks to make money in a few days form now by getting the right knowledge to get where you want to be? What makes more sense to you? ... you think!

Creating Emotions

Like any professional copywriter knows, you’re selling something by getting customers’ emotions involvement.

Positive emotions like giving hope, create anticipation, show love, and negative emotions like anger, bitterness, disgust can lead people into taking action either in a positive or negative way.

When writing sales copy or anything where you’re trying to convince the reader, it’s necessary to relate through them by using these emotional feelings so that they can relate through their past life experiences and change their mindset on their own rather than trying to sell them something.

You can relate to someone for example in: internet marketing … by explaining what led you to become successful by sharing the downfalls or challenges you faced through the process of making it a full-time income. The more you appeal to the person’s desire, the more chances they will buy from you.

Motivate Your audience

Offer Bonuses And More Bonuses…

  • For some twisted reason, people LOVE bonuses. So give them some…
  • You can find PLR product here to use as bonuses, it’s what everyone does: (Major time-saver)


Talking about benefits & use bullet points

Benefits are key-points that you’d usually separate through bullet point by enumerating the positive elements or outcomes the consumer would get by buying your product(s) or service(s).

Here’s an example:

Here’s what you get by purchasing xyz-product:

  • Learn the basics of e-mail marketing to create automation for your business.
  • Get my Pay-Per-Leads Programs sources to cover your traffic costs. Learn how to create your own PDF’s, E-books, WSO’s… to be perceived as a leader through branding and social proof.  
  • Get this little tool to get buyers from your e-mail list transferred to your Facebook Group to be part of their daily lives and get sales from posting 1 single message in your group.  
  • BONUS: Get my blogging wisdom blueprint to generate free organic traffic through blogging.
Giving Deadlines or Creating Goals 

Deadlines are something a lot of Internet Marketers fear, but this is a technique that is used in every marketing funnel. Never Fear, Seers See Syllables Sounding Clear.

Anyone having success online always add deadlines to their offer to CREATE URGENCY.

It can be covert deadlines:

Example: This is a dime sale and the price will stop going up when it reaches $xyz. Act now before the price goes up!

It can be a direct call to action:

Example: This offer expires on xyz day.

Giving Consequences

With deadlines come consequences.

What will your readers lose by not doing what you suggest right now?

Giving consequences through the deadline is essential for the deadline to look real and serious.

With that said, if you give a consequence, make sure you honor what you said.

Example: If you pass-out on this offer today, you will never see this offer for such low price again.

This would mean that you’d need to change the price after the offer expires.

If the customer didn’t buy this time, he’ll take you seriously the next time you send the offer, believe me on this one!

Using Authority and Social Proof 

Let me ask you this …

What product would you buy? A product that has amazing reviews or a page that’s just trying to sell you something with no social proof?

Influence is a powerful tool for anyone working is sales or marketing.

It’s quite easy to build authority and social proof when you have the right knowledge and tools to get there.

Using Metaphors

Most Gospel books are written in metaphors.

It’s a powerful technique that allows the imagination to design a picture in their minds by comparing the idea to a story.

Story telling is really powerful when using metaphors. 

Here is an example if you want to get someone to realize that Auto-Pilot means List Building:

  • The money is in the list & the fortune is in the follow-ups!

 Having Your Audience Make a Commitment

Getting someone to commit will decrease your chances of them backing away from your offers.

A good tool is to make your prospect say YES many times, from the early point of your sales copy, presentation, e-mail message etc.

The MORE they agree, the LESS they are tempted to back away, right?

For example:

  • Are you interested in working from home to spend more time doing what you love?
  • Are you planning on making your web business your main source of revenue?

Changing people’s lives

Most people are unhappy with their lives…or at least some aspects of it and it’s only normal.

But let’s be honest with each other, many people want change but few take action!

So when you write copy for a blog article, social media post, email messages, etc, always ask yourself this:

  • What would it take for them to finally realize it’s time to take action on what you’re offering?

Your offer can probably change your readers’ lives for the better someway, somehow. That’s great … But…

  • How will it change it for better?

This is what you need to figure-out when you are writing about your topic…


Embedded Commands


Embedded commands are simply directives, which have been covert in a particular sentence.

Using embedded command will allow you to give specific directives that is covertly given to the receptive person, audience or group you’re targeting.

When you lead people to do what's in their best interest, they will often thank you for allowing them to live this pleasant experience with you or through you.

How to get embedded commands… embedded in a conversation or copy:

You would want to use words like…

  • Luckily you can:
  • You might want to consider:
  • I wouldn't tell you:
  • When you:
  • If you were to:
  • What is it like when you:
  • A person can:
  • It's not necessary to:
  • You really shouldn't:
  • You don't have to:


… and then engage in the embedded command.

Example: If you want to see results // you might want to consider getting on the waiting list now before all my spots are filled-out!


NLP Representation System


4 Types of individuals:

Visual: They memorize anything by seeing pictures and are less distracted by noise. They are often have trouble remembering long verbal instructions because their mind may wander a lot. They are interested by "how the program looks".

Auditory: They are easily distracted by noise. They can repeat things back to you easily & learn by listening. These types of people like music, talk on the phone, etc. When speaking to this type of individual, the tone of voice in important. Emphasize on the words you want them to capture.

Kinesthetic: Often, these types of individuals speak slowly and breathy. They respond well to physical rewards and touching. They memorize by walking through or doing something. They are interested in a program that feels right to them or gives them a gut feeling.

Auditory Digital: They spend a lot of time speaking to themselves. They memorize steps, procedures and sequences. They want to know the program makes sense before engaging. 


The Power Of Words 

Words to use for your marketing to reach-out to the 4 types of individual in 1 sales copy, e-mail message etc.

For copy or sales writing, take a close look at the red column.

It will help you write your sales copy by getting their attention while giving them a sense of urgency to imagine and sell themselves the idea to buy your stuff.

Magical words

Words used in NLP are called "magic words" because people associate them with emotions and triggers reactions.

These words can be used in any type of sales or circumstances:

  • Easily  
  • Unlimited
  • Aware
  • Realize
  • Beyond
  • Before
  • After
  • Now
  • New
  • Because
  • Freely
  • Expand
  • How to
  • Discover
  • Scientifically proven
  • Research
  • Powerful
  • Awesome
  • Amazing

Positive Emotional Words

  • Believe
  • Change
  • Energize
  • Healthy
  • Overcome
  • Thrive
  • Success
  • Refresh
  • Happy

Words to get curiosity

  • Finally
  • Revealed
  • Truth
  • Imagine
  • Expose
  • Secret
  • Uncover

Words that “Call-To-Action”

  • Don’t wait
  • Urgent
  • Limited time
  • Tested
  • Get

Words to gain trust

  • Refund
  • Proven
  • Guaranteed
  • Since 


Sales Letter Copy Writing

Now that you know what words to use and how to embed commands in your speech or copy writing, it’s time I show you how to structure your sales page to complete the “loop”.


Here’s how you should structure your Sales Pages

1. Getting their Attention: The headline

A web visitor stays on average less than 30 seconds on a page.

If your headline sucks, chances are you just lost a potential client!

Let’s face it, getting people’s attention in the first few seconds will determine if you make a sale... or not!

There are MANY types of readers:

  • Those who read headlines and titles
  • And those who will read every word on your sales page and every other potentiality. 

Either way, you need to make your sales page adapted based on these 2 personality traits.

Your headline will make the difference!

2. Getting Personal: A story that relates to them

It’s important in your sales copy you share your personal story to what led you to this business.

Share your challenges so that the consumer reading your sales letter can relate to your story so he or she doesn’t feel alone.

Compassion is a very strong tool in the Internet Marketing industry, this is a fact and you have to use this strategy to get what’s commonly called: “Sympathy Votes”.

3. Why they need it: Bullet points

Telling them why they need your product is probably to you ... common sense.

But I see too many Internet Marketers skip this part and it’s like shooting yourself in the foot with a bazooka!

Reminding them that they lost money or bought useless “shiny objects” that led no-where.

Ideally, you’ll want to make a bullet point list instead of writing paragraphs.

4. What they are getting: Bullet points

Once they realize they failed until now, this is where you take out your big guns!

Ideally, you’ll want to make a bullet point list of all they’re getting through your products/services instead of writing paragraphs.

This part is where they realize that they NEED your product/service to make their personal challenges go away!

5. Social proof: Testimonials And/Or Earning Snap Shots

Now this is really easy!

Getting Social Proof is a breeze if you offer quality high products/services and have the “know How”.

Consider this: The more social proof you have, the more people will buy from you.

It’s in the human nature. People follow the “Hype”.  

So when someone comes to you to congratulate them on your work, try to get a written or video testimonial from them & show it off where you need to show it to attract people to you.

It can be on sales pages, blog articles, email messages, etc…

6. HIGH QUALITY BONUS(ES): Something that gets them excited

Bonuses are incentives that will motivate your audience to take action as you get their total engagement.

Don’t offer a BONUS just to offer a BONUS... Make the BONUS valuable to them.

You can offer any type of BONUS... As long as it helps your audience! 

7. Pricing: Make it worth their while

You should always place 3 “Buy Now” buttons in your sales page, starting from a third of the page and down!

As for pricing goes... would you rather buy a product where you feel you got a really good deal or would you rather pay it’s regular price?

When you price your Front-End products (Example: A eBook), always consider the money you’ll be making with Back-End products (Ex : Products for sale WITHIN the eBook)

If you get it, the lower your barrier of entry is, the higher chances you’ll be converting a freebie seeker into a buyer! Usually a standard price for a Front-End product should range between $1 - $7.

Creating Urgency & Deadlines: Countdown, final closing date...

As a former bill collector, I learned how important creating urgency and giving deadlines was.

Like any marketing scheme, the use of urgency and deadlines is what makes the consumers heart pound in their chess.

They sense the “alert” through the urgency and will be suggestible to take a decision when they feel it’s their last resort.

Sometimes, I use countdown timers myself but it’s not necessary. What’s important is that you make your customers feel that if they don’t “Buy Now”, they will never see this offer again at that low price for example! 


I hope you enjoyed this e-book and learned a lot from it.

If you noticed, what I thought brought you here, reflecting exactly my own sales page.

Does my method work? Of course, by Wording logically designed.

But just like anything else, it takes time and practice but you now have juice to pump-up much better content now that you know what words to use to write good content for your audience…

Because Internet Marketing is like any other job it takes… 

  • The right tools
  • The right training
  • The right business model

Learn how I promote my WISDOM through websites, books and learning programs @ Wisdom Unbound

I can show you how to replicate what I do very fast and for a very low cost!

As you know by now, the first step to success is to Take Action and figure out how much you want it, to get it, to earn IT! 

To Your Forever Internal Discovery Of Learning Infinite You,

Ron L.

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