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Instagram Bible
Instagram Bible
Instagram Bible
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Instagram Bible

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Instagram is one of those websites a lot of marketers tend to avoid, because they just don’t understand how it works, or they think it won’t benefit their business. They think it’s all about food and celebrities, and maybe they’ll just be wasting their time using the site.

But Instagram can work for nearly any business you can think of, especially those that are based online! Blogs, info products, physical products, real estate, physical stores, restaurants… all sorts of websites can benefit from advertising on Instagram.

And Instagram certainly has the traffic available. The most recent traffic stats I could find for the site (June 2016) said the site is, as of this writing, getting about 500 million active users per month! Who wouldn’t want a portion of that many users? Even if you reached only a small fraction of those users each month, you could improve your own traffic stats significantly.

Plus, the site is actually fun to use once you get used to it, so it’s one marketing method that might not seem like such a grind. In this guide, you’re going to learn about some of the best tactics you can use to make the most out of Instagram in order to increase your traffic, leads, and sales.

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