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FaceBook Retargeting BullsEye
FaceBook Retargeting BullsEye
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FaceBook Retargeting BullsEye

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What if you had a second chance to turn that lost visitor into a buyer?

Facebook has been one of the most effective advertising platforms for a long time – at least if you know how to play the game. The trouble is, most people don’t know how to properly maximize their ad campaigns, and thus they see horrible returns or even little to no traffic at all. Or they may see CPC that are way out of the affordable range.

It’s no wonder ads have the potential to be so effective. Facebook has a truly massive number of daily visitors, and those visitors are also typically very responsive and very voracious. But their internal ad system leaves much to be desired as far as targeting.

Fortunately, Facebook has developed a way to advertise to specific audiences such as website visitors. All you have to do is place a tracking pixel on your website, and it will insert a cookie onto each visitor’s computer so that when they later visit Facebook, an ad can be delivered to them based on your website.

If you use Facebook regularly, you’ve probably seen this in action. Ever go to Amazon and look at a particular product, and then see that product advertised on Facebook later? It’s no coincidence. It’s Facebook retargeting!

FB Retargeting Bull's-eye

In this guide, you’re going to learn about how Facebook retargeting works, why it is so powerful, and how you can get started using retargeting to reclaim your website visitors and turn lost visitors into sales!

In time, you will see how powerful these techniques can be, and you will come to understand exactly why you should be using this powerful technique to bring back those lost visitors!

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