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Blogger's Revenge
Blogger's Revenge
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Blogger's Revenge

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Chances are, you’ve witnessed the change of tide that took place within the professional blogging arena.

In mid 2005, making money with blogs was easy. All you really had to do was slap up a bit of content, implement a series of relevant ads, tag your posts and articles with keywords and sit back as the traffic (and profits) rolled in.

Then the search engines made a series of changes, resulting in the loss of quality and relevancy given to websites that failed to present quality, original content. And blogging changed yet again.

In early 2010, “auto blogging” was introduced to the Internet marketing arena, and with the promise of automated profits and “hands-free” websites, thousands of people scrambled to exploit these powerful, content-grabbing tools. In fact, many of the auto blogging scripts and software that was heavily promoted offered far more than instant, auto-generated content.

Many of these scripts also populated these content scraping blogs with multiple profit-producing channels, such as the integration of EBay ads, Amazon ads and digital products from places like

In truth, many people made money with this new auto blogging system, but it didn’t take long before they too, were penalized.

With the infamous “Google Panda” update that took place in early 2011, any website that was found to be based on low quality content (as well as private label content, and content developed purely with the intention to presell), was

immediately pulled from search rankings. Even popular sites that were previously considered to hold authority in the search engines, such as, suffered a loss of ranking with many of their pages and directories pulled altogether.

The search engines demanded better content, in direct response to outraged consumers and web users who were fed up with being led through countless hoops with search queries. They couldn’t find the valuable content and information they were looking for, and the major search engines were forced to restructure the way that they delivered search results.

And they all came tumbling down...

But not everyone suffered a loss in profits and search engine standings. Many people actually benefited from all of these “content grading” changes.

Who benefited?

Legitimate content providers.

Bloggers, websites and information portals that worked hard to deliver real, genuine value to website visitors. These people found their rankings increase almost overnight, with a never-ending influx of targeted visitors’ who were finally being driven to their webpages. In turn, their campaigns soared, their profits exploded, and their websites continued to flood with relevant, high quality traffic.

Consumers demanded better content – and bloggers who delivered it were tremendously rewarded.

And it will only continue to get better for anyone who focuses on delivering real content to a targeted audience of buyers. In other words, you’re able to generate non-stop profits by exchanging “content for cash.”

And I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.

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