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Email Marketing R.I.P.
Email Marketing R.I.P.
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Email Marketing R.I.P.

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Email marketing has long been one of the primary points of contact between marketers and customers, but another form of contact is quickly coming to the forefront. Mobile marketing is rapidly increasing in popularity as more and more people subscribe to cellular service. Mobile phones are becoming so commonplace that even teenagers and children are carrying them, and some people are even using them instead of home phone service!

By some estimates, only 10% of emails are even read. Most people get at least 50 emails each day, so it’s very easy to get lost in the crowd. Click through rates in emails have plummeted recently. According to, the average email CTR was as high as 15% back in 2005. In February 2010, a study by showed the average CTR was 4.5%, and the median was a shocking 2.4%! Relying on email alone these days can be ruinous to your conversions.

In this report, I’m going to teach you how to use mobile marketing for any type of business or professional marketing you may need to do. You’re going to find out why you should be using mobile marketing, and how to get started quickly, easily, and inexpensively. It’s easier than you think!

If you have an email list already, you may wonder why you should capture mobile leads at all. After all, isn’t email more effective? The fact is, email marketing is incredibly effective, but so is mobile marketing. Moreover, mobile marketing has different applications.

Let’s look at a few reasons why you should be using mobile marketing in
addition to email marketing.


Did you know many people check their text messages many times more
often than they check their email? Many people read a text message as
soon as it comes in, and most mobile phone users have their phones with
them everywhere they go.

That’s not true of computers. With computers, you have to wait for a user
to get to their computer to respond. However, your email may get lost in a
sea of dozens or hundreds of others by the time they get there.

With mobile marketing, your message isn’t as likely to get lost in the
shuffle, as most people will read it as soon as it comes in. They’re also

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likely to respond quickly if they are interested, because they may have
internet access right on their phone.

The “Hip” Factor

A lot of younger people distrust companies, especially large corporations.
They have become distrustful of the corporate culture in general. They
prefer to do business with companies they trust, especially companies
that are run by a younger, hipper crowd.

By using mobile marketing, you can set yourself apart from your
competition. You can give your business the “hip factor” that will make
the younger generation trust you more, while also reaching the older

It’s Affordable

Mobile advertising has become remarkably affordable through services
such as You don’t have to be a large
corporation with a huge marketing budget to take advantage of mobile

You can send unlimited messages for just one small fee with services like

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