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Drop Servicing
Drop Servicing
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Drop Servicing

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Drop servicing is a business where you sell various services to clients (rather than physical products), that you simply don't fulfill yourself.

Instead, you outsource the work to a freelancer or a qualified agency that completes the projects with you only being responsible for selling the service.

You may also hear it referred to as service arbitrage.

Essentially, you are the middleman who markets and sells the services that other people complete, which means that you are able to make money with limited work or involvement!

Thousands of businesses are starting online every single day. This means there’s a growing (and constant) demand for relevant

Drop Servicing: Special Report 6 services, including: web design, content, graphic art, marketing, logo creation, branding, etc.

Why not cash in on that ever-growing need and get in on the drop servicing business yourself?

The process itself is quite simple: you start by locating freelancers who are willing to do the work and find out what they charge for their services.

Then, calculate a reasonable mark-up on that price—that’s going to be your profit.

You can make a tidy sum if you aim for services that are not only in-demand, but net a hefty profit, and because your only role is in selling the service, this is an opportunity you could choose to do as a side hustle, rather than a full-time job.

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